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Victorian Men’s Day Wear

Some photos of the real thing ...

Victorian Menswear

One of our best resources out there is Walter Nelson and his website Mass Historia. He has a love of authenticity and 30+ years of experience in recreating history of all ages.

Another excellent resource for gentlemen aspiring to the image of the proper Victorian is Gregory. You will find many hours of informative and amusing facts and gossip among these pages and they are highly recommended reading! For example, see History of the Moustache.

Victorian Clothing for the Beginner

Though costumes are not required for our Sunday Afternoon Social, there are some events that we attend as a group which do either require a costume or people feel more appropriately dressed when in costume. We work on providing Tea Talks and sources for purchasing and making Victorian Day wear.

Victorian Women’s Day Wear…

There is much available on the web for reference and photos of women’s day wear. This site was recommended for great photos on seeing what goes on underneath to give us that perfect shape. Though the time period is more turn-of-the-century it is still a good visual descriptive:

Victorian Men’s Day Wear …

Since most of our events take place during the day many of our gentlemen look for information and ideas in regards to day wear. If you have information and/or merchandise available please let us know and I will post it.

This first group of images of good day looks for our activities were taken from

Victorian Clothing Victorian Clothing for Men Victorian Men

As you can see they are not terribly far from what gentlemen wear nowadays.

Victorian Man's Shirt Victorian Man's Vest

The following two images are from

Victorian Men Victorian Men


I hope this information has helped! I will be posting for women in a few weeks. ~Darlene


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